Every New York wedding has its own edge.  There’s the venue, the guest list of family and hobnobbing cohorts, and – most important – the dress.  New York weddings range from high opulence to incredibly low-key (just visit City Hall any day of the week), but there always is one constant: this incredibly vibrant city as backdrop.  Fohr Card Vice President Emma Gonzalez wed this past September, just days following the Carolina Herrera Spring 2018 show, on a warm glowing day at And&And located in the West Village.   She wore the Carolina Herrera Aubrey dress, available in Carolina Herrera boutiques.


How they met: I had moved to New York from Australia on a bit of a whim. On my second night in the city, a friend and I were in the elevator of our apartment building & met a guy who was heading to a party on the floor below us. We were eager to make friends so decided to tag along. Danny, my now husband, lived in that apartment, so it’s safe to say I’m glad I went along.

About the wedding: Danny and I met in New York, started our relationship and were engaged here, all of our serious (and not so serious) chats happened in New York, so it made sense to be married here, too.  Danny is originally from Texas, and I’m Australian.  We were lucky enough to have sixty-four of our favorite people fly into the city for the weekend.


About the dress: My first priority was getting the dress sorted.  I wanted to wait until I would be back in Australia, so I could share that first dress experience with my Mum, sister and niece, and I had mentally decided that I would get the actual dress when I was back in New York.  Dress shopping in Sydney was just going to be a low-pressure day of champagne and playing dress-up.  And then I met my final dress of the day, the Carolina Herrera Aubrey.  It had a definite glimmer, and I had the definite feeling that this dress could be the one… but I second-guessed myself because this was my first day.  It was my dress-up day!  Over the course of the next few weeks, I tried other dresses but I couldn’t get Aubrey out of my head. And then I saw Lindsay Talbot’s Carolina Herrera gown featured on Vogue, she looked so incredible.  I knew that I would be disappointed if I didn’t wear Carolina Herrera, too.  So I booked an appointment almost immediately.  The Madison Avenue store was so sweet and helpful.  Someone even held my phone so that I could FaceTime my Mum to tell her that I picked the dress!

Happiest wedding memory: When Danny and I were about to give the final speech of the night…  that moment when I stood up with him as he faced the room full of our favorite people and spoke on behalf of our new little family, he and I. It just felt very solidified at that point.

You know you’re a Carolina Herrera Bride when… “you’ve tried every other dress and none measure up.”


Photography by James Nord

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