A time will come when we will enjoy life outdoors again, but now it’s time to stay at home. And ‘home’ is an interesting word. It is true, as the song said, that a house is not (always) a home, but these weeks we have a golden opportunity to turn our houses into welcoming homes. So here is our proposal.

The first tip is simple: stay inspired and connected. Your alegría de vivir spirit always finds the silver lining in each day and some days we can simply create it. It’s all about simple gestures, small actions, subtle transformations that change everything. It’s called homemade magic. Perhaps it’s found while putting pen to paper or reading the books of that author you’ve been meaning to get to. It might be just the thing!

It may be found in a conversation with old friends, new friends, the people who cross your mind: when was the last time you talked to them? What are they dreaming about and excited for?

Messages feel wonderful to receive and to give, but what about a handwritten note or call just to say hello? Communication is a gorgeous therapy.

If style makes you feel put together, put on your favorite looks and carry out your day––morning coffee in a crisp white shirt, draped silk or organza? It will certainly sweeten any hour, so why not?

The joys of transporting to favorite worlds beyond our own can be found in magazine editorials, the scent of perfume and classic films: first-class boarding passes to nearly every destination. Your kitchen, too, is an incredible way to travel. Turn it into a creative workshop of recipes or ideas.

It’s all about imagination, emotions and affections. So here is our plan for these days. We hope you enjoy them and we will love to know how they turn out. Explore these ideas and our full guide on @carolinaherrera Instagram stories.

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Carolina Herrera’s Guide to Staying Home