Over thirty-five years ago, the House of Herrera was created by Mrs. Herrera at the encouragement of then-Vogue editor Diana Vreeland.  Since then, the House continues to celebrate female entrepreneurs who make their mark in the world.  This week, we cast the spotlight upon Hill House Home founder Nell Diamond, who started her company in January 2016, immediately after graduating from Yale business school.

On creating her own business:

I’ve always been really obsessed with the home, and the bedroom in particular.  I grew up moving a lot and the bedroom always was my sanctuary, like a jewelry box.  It was the one place that was fully mine.

So when I began shopping for my own home, no one spoke to my interests in fashion, beauty, technology, and food.  Therefore my company brings consumers top-quality products, amazing design, and a customer experience that doesn’t involve huge markups.  It’s a seamless customer experience.  Really we’re known for our pillowcases.  We like to say that your bedding doesn’t have to match, that you can take a pillowcase from one set, a duvet from another.  Bedding is such a great mood lifter.  In the same way you get a cute new bag, you can get a pillowcase customized with poems or song lyrics.  I love the idea of a super old-fashion medium, like embroidery, done in a really modern way.  Right now, we sell bedding and lifestyle accessories (pajamas, robes, eye masks), and we’re going into table and bath.  I’d like to be the one-stop shop for soft goods.

We opened our first store in December, and it’s doing really well.  It’s exciting to bring business to Bleecker Street.  Growing up in London, I had this magical obsession with Bleecker Street.


On women who inspire:

So many women inspire me: Sarah Blakely, who founded Spanx. She’s an incredible businesswoman.  She launched door-to-door and has built a tremendous empire.  I love watching her succeed.  Martha Stewart, of course.  She’s the queen of home.  I’m thinking all the time about how we can be the Martha to millennials.  I’m a very proud millennial!  Other women who inspired me are Molly Howard of La Ligne; Tracy Dubb, a venture capitalist investing in female-founded companies; and Claire Olshan, who owns Five Story.

It’s a really exciting time to be a businesswoman in New York.  There are countless women founding companies, living in New York, creating a direct-to-consumer wave.  It’s such an interesting time to be a brand, and it’s never been easier to start a brand.  It’s no coincidence that there are so many women doing it.  There’s a “let’s just try this” mentality that’s going on, and it’s so exciting.


On her usual wardrobe:

I’m definitely always extremely overdressed.  I was born this way!  In high school I got made fun of for wearing heels.  I just feel so much better about myself when I’m dressed up.  My mother and father always told me to let my freak flag fly.  For me, that’s platforms on a Sunday morning.  People think I’m fully crazy.


On her favorite look from the shoot:

I’ve always known about Carolina Herrera, and loved the clothing.  It’s so ethereal and elegant. It’s my dream.  I love the pink printed chiffon gown and the denim coat.  The coat has such an elegant cut.  As for the pink gown, it’s an immediate yes!  If it’s pink, embellished, and floral, I pretty much don’t need to see it… I’ll take it!


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Friend of the House Nell Diamond
Friend of the House Nell Diamond
Friend of the House Nell Diamond