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Love Conquers All: Carolina Herrera Zoom Panel discusses all things Bridal

Expert panel of Micaela Erlanger, Lisa Vorce, Camille Russler, Taylor Patterson, Alexandra Macon, and Christian Oth discuss all things bridal in 2020, hosted by the House of Carolina Herrera

“Everyone has a story, and every story matters. Love is not cancelled,” mused Camille Russler of Miami’s popular wedding boutique Ever After during Carolina Herrera’s Bridal Zoom Gathering. Hosted by celebrity stylist and bride-to-be Micaela Erlanger, panelists included celebrity and event photographer Christian Oth, celebrity event and wedding planner Lisa Vorce, Ever After owner Camille Russler; Taylor Patterson, florist and owner of Fox Fodder Farm; and Alexandra Macon of OvertheMoon.com. In the absence of April’s bridal week due to Covid-19, the Zoom panel highlighted what a bride-to-be should expect if her wedding was planned for this spring, summer, and even fall.

Empathizing with brides in the audience, both Erlanger and Patterson explained how their own weddings have been impacted by the current pandemic, with Patterson revealing that she canceled her March 28 celebrations. With a late fall wedding on the calendar, Erlanger explained that her ceremony still was scheduled; however, she stressed the importance of being kind and respectful to vendors who also have been impacted by the virus: “speaking as a bride-to-be, navigating this myself, kindness has gone a long way. Everyone has been incredibly understanding, and everyone wants everything to work out for clients and vendors involved.”

“Your wedding will happen,” stated Alexandra Macon, cofounder of OvertheMoon.com, “it won’t happen immediately, but it will happen.” And this was a thought shared by all panelists: love will continue and weddings will happen, eventually. For some, ceremonies will continue as originally scheduled, only more intimate and understated. Both Russler and Macon anticipate that many of these will become small civil ceremonies followed up by bigger, celebratory parties after the pandemic ends.

Others will postpone their weddings, delaying a spring wedding to fall. “Flowers are going to be beautiful any time of year,” promised Taylor Patterson of Fox Fodder Farm, “you can apply your spring color palette to fall. Nature will never stop giving.” If a bride is postponing her wedding to another season, Patterson recommended familiarizing oneself with what flowers are realistically available that season: swap poppies for dahlias, and ranunculus for garden roses.

Celebrity photographer Christian Oth similarly agreed that seasonality will have minimal impact on wedding photographs, because every day of the year has that magical twilight moment: “the best light is the golden hour, it’s that beautiful light at the end of the day. My advice is to schedule key portrait shoots toward the end of the day.”

No matter what, there still is much that a bride-to-be can do during this time of social distancing affirms event planner Lisa Vorce: “There are so many things that can be accomplished on your to-do list right now: dedicate your Wedding Wednesday to those busy tasks like choosing music, but continue with the joyful process.”

Above all else: love does conquer all. Weddings will continue to happen. Fashion houses will continue to work hard to ensure that the dress is ready. Florists will ensure that the bouquet is perfect. And photographers will be there to capture it. Weddings may not happen this month or next month, and they may be smaller in scale; but, at the end of the day, love will prevail.