Get in the groove of the uptown bohemian.

Inspired by a woman with a wanderlust spirit, the Pre-Fall 2019 collection merges ornate maximalism with realistic femininity.  It’s a collection for collectors and wanderers, for those who spend Saturday afternoons at antique spots and bookshops.  It’s for those who love their records just as much as their heirloom costume jewelry.  Falling into the beat of Pre-Fall 2019, Wes Gordon was inspired by The Beatles (Sargeant Pepper to be exact), among other artists of the 1960s and 1970s.  And so we present a playlist of songs written in an era of hope and wanderlust, where David Bowie had just as many transformations as Stevie Nicks had rumors and embroidered scarves.  Tune in now or save it to your Spotify account for your next wandering walk.